The Ministry of Information sought to serve its clients sophisticatedly by providing up to date services. The portal also took well-founded measures to secure its users accounts warily. Consequently, the portal constantly maintains the criteria imposed by (World Wide Web Consortium W3C). In addition, the portal also takes into account global standards in portals administration, providing safe and secure environment based on Global Information Summit. The website also was developed using cascading style sheet CSS. 
  MOI Portal pages are recognized for its easiness in terms of use, simplicity and color schemes accords. It also decided on to deploy images as it is more expressive than text.  Likewise, embalms and logos has been scripted to make it easy for text-reader program meant to help special needs clients to conceive the message. 
We are here, at MOI Portal; ready and pleased to receive your quarries and suggestions and recommendation for portal good. You can communicate with us directly on MOI’s email

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