Bridge of Communication

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Bridge of Communication

 His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said - may God protect him – clearly expressed his appreciation for the media and his interest in when he said (we appreciate the importance of the media and the role it plays in the life of the nations, and realize that the media is a mirror that reflects what is going on in the country, and this mirror must be net, pure and honest with itself and with others).

 From the fortunate of that historic statement which was first addressed by His Majesty to his people the day of assuming the reins of power on July 23, 1970 AD which was broadcasted on the Omani radio. And it is a great honor that all the Omani media institutions continued such noble mission to broadcast speeches and sayings of His Majesty and all his victories and achievements.

 In fact, the media was born as a fruit of the Omani Renaissance, and grew and grew to become a monument of modern edifices Renaissance in order to: -

• Embodies the enlightened thinking of His Majesty.

• Expresses the creative development efforts that take place on the Sultanate territory of the.

• maintains the distinctive features of the personality of Oman.

• be a bridge between the Omani citizen and the surrounding periphery .

 As the philosophy of Omani media strategy is based on the media strength:

First:  to clarify the concept of true citizenship in all its dimensions.

Second:  the development of the capacities of the citizen and awareness of its basic role In construction and development.

Third: to contribute to the cultural construction and education for the community by consolidating the pillars of its identity and national unity as w3ell as its role in maintaining these gains.

Fourth: Deepen the experience of participating in decision-making and responsibility in the area of ​​consultation.

Fifth: the principle of rooting work as religious and civilized value by thoroughness and excellence in performance in its provision.

Sixth: Foreign Media theme



Seventh: non-interference in the internal affairs of others.

Eighth: the policy of peaceful coexistence between peoples.

Ninth: The application of the principle of good neighborliness.

Tenth: Respect of national sovereignty of each country.

Eleven: supporting the fair National issues as an advocate in international forums to lift the injustice on the oppressed.

Twelve: Sharing of interests with everyone.

It is the principles believed by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, “may God protect him " and through by which Oman gained stature and great respect on the Arab and international levels. Omani media was able through its sound methodology to fulfill that positive role and managed to be an affectionate bridge with the brothers, friends and supportive of positive dialogue with everyone as w3ell as to express sincere policies of the Sultanate, its positions, views on various issues and developments to reflect all aspects of Omani personality known for its calmness, serenity and candor

Among the most important steps that have been accomplished in the field of media:

  • Completion of television coverage in all populated areas in the Sultanate.
  •  Completion of the FM radio network and linked it with satellite television network.
  • Continuation of television and radio broadcasting around the clock.
  •  Connecting radio and television network via satellite.
  • Using the spread of radio and television on the Internet.
  • The availability of all the Omani newspapers agents online.
  • Create multiple sites for various media on the Internet.
  • Continue rehabilitation programs for Omani cadres working in the ministry.


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