Strategic objectives

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1. Building management and financial system in media organizations, has an efficient and meet the requirements of the terms of reference of these institutions and their plans.


2.Including the development of the media message consistent the needs and priorities of the public, with taking into account the types, quality, attractiveness and promotion of the development process.


3. Development of media legislation and professional conventions which organization the work of media in the Sultanate, in order to achieve the development of media performance free and responsible.


4.  Development of a national vision on the process of investing in diverse fields of media.


5. Development performance the external media and improve outputs and diversify its means, in order to developments in the field of communication


6. Drawing completely an integrated for the advancement of media training and continuing education in an orderly and sustainable to enhance the professional credibility.


7.  Development media research for the advancement of the field of studies and reconnaissance measuring public opinion, to provide an appropriate environment communication between policy makers, the media and the public.


8.  Development performance of the electronic media and develop an integrated plan for the development of portal media services.

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