Media Attaché

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Omani media attaché in Cairo (

Omani media attaché in London 

Omani media attaché in Washington    

Competence of attaches Media:

1-      Consolidation the link between the ministry and media organizations in the overseas.

2-      Follow all of what is published in newspapers and magazines about the sultanate, and to respond to the lies and rumors that may be written other than the truth.

3-      Urged newspapers and magazines in the overseas deployment Sultanate's news and the dissemination articles, to highlight its achievements in the light of the blessed Renaissance led by His Majesty.

4-      Contact public figures from politicians, journalists, writers Arab and foreign programs and arrange visits to the Sultanate.

5-      Provide newspapers and personnel overseas media books issued by the ministry, including the definition and reached the Sultanate of growth and prosperity and to keep up pace with civilization.

6-      Organizing seminars media that highlight the political line of the Sultanate and the achievements of civilization, and inviting personalities of thinkers, writers, politicians and writers to participate.

7-      Reception of senior officials in the Sultanate in the case of carrying out official duties abroad and to prepare and arrange press conferences for them.

8-      Contact with media institutions abroad and coordination with them, to append Omani cadres training courses which held by those institutions, or to provide the Ministry with the expertise that we need.

9-      What assigns to it from other similar works.

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