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The Ministry aims to build an information Omani system developed and completed. It forms primary substrate to keep pace a Sustainable development in the knowledge society in different areas. It compatible with the wheel internal and external variables, even keep pace with the needs of the community and aspirations, in preserves the privacy of the Omani society, values and customs, without compromising the privacy of others.

Which the requires provision media environment of high-quality, it take spirit of the times into account and serve the objectives of development strategies,and express the national identity of the nation and the citizen, and reflect the control aspirations, and contribute to the cultural and educational infrastructure for the society to take hold in which the foundations of national unity.

This integrated media environment would deepen the experience of participating in decision-making, and its role preserve to gains and take the responsibility of national, with opportunity for local media (Read - audio – visual) to interact with the media message of Oman and ability to compete with other media.

In addition to achieving the desired national goals in the transformation plan for e-government and provide e-services, which do not confined to the optimal use only of information technology, but it is a comprehensive transformation that takes into account of other factors such as organizational structure,  vocational training and improve government services which required this shift.

H.E.Dr Abdulmunim bin Mansour bin Said al-Hasani

Minister of Information

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